Building a Helping Hand

Create a functioning hand model capable of accomplishing complex tasks such as typing on a keyboard!


model, anatomy



Building a Helping Hand

The human hand is an impressive piece of anatomy and, with some training, they can perform complex tasks like manipulating tools, typing on keyboards, and using pens to create art. Our hands are durable and strong enough to hold heavy weights, but also delicate enough to knit sweaters and pet our favorite animals. Scientists have studied many aspects of human anatomy and biology to create human-like hands to be used as prosthetics. Prosthetics are artificial devices that replace missing body parts and intend to restore normal functions of the body. Today, you’ll be creating your own prosthetic hand model! To test the flexibility and functionality of our prosthetic, we’re using a keyboard as the test subject. Your prosthetic hand should be strong enough to press down a key on a standard keyboard, and flexible enough to only press one at a time!