Designing a Parachute

Design a functioning parachute capable of landing slowly and safely with a few simple materials!!


engineering, experiment



Designing a Parachute

When engineers are designing parachutes, they must take many things into consideration. Engineers will have to think about physics concepts such as air resistance, drag, and more. Air resistance describes the forces that oppose, or fight against, the relative motion of an object as it passes through air. Due to air resistance, a force called ‘drag’ acts on all falling objects, in this case our parachute, to slow down their motion. Drag force is a resistant force that is caused by the motion of a body through air, that pushes against the direction of an oncoming object. Ever wanted to go skydiving? Think of what materials you would want your parachute to be made of and how big or small you would want it to be. Engineers thoroughly test parachutes to ensure safety and functionality in extreme cases. Today, you will be that engineer!